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MailCity is the future of electronic communication...the world's best permanent, portable email service. Your email address will never change again! You can ...


Welcome to MailCity

Welcome to MailCity; the world's best permanent, portable email service. With a MailCity address, you will never go through the hassles of changing your ...


How to Get Full Headers - Lycos Mail (mailcity.com)

How to Get Full Headers From Lycos Mail (mailcity.com). When viewing an individual message, click on the tool bar menu item above the message "All Headers.


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They did not have the spam blocking feature for a while but now they have introduced it. I had my first email account with mailcity but I do not use it anymore.


Lycos Mail (mailcity.com) - SpamCop.net - SpamCop FAQ

Lycos no longer makes headers available in a format that can be used with SpamCop. It is not possible to report spam received on Lycos mail accounts.


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