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February 24, 2020 - At the end of January, the Rubin Observatory Auxiliary Telescope spectrograph made its first observations of astronomical objects on Cerro ...


LSST Connect

Currently LSST Connect is running in pilot mode and is available for all students and for all staff members.


lsst - Operations portal - EGI

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope or LSST is a large aperture wide field survey telescope and 3200 Megapixel camera to image faint astronomical objects, ...



Over its 10 year lifespan, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) could catalog over 5 million ... The LSST Solar System Science Collaboration (SSSC) is preparing methods and tools to analyze this data ... LSST-SSSC Information Portal.


The Priory Academy LSST - Home

... Italy since 19th February. This follows the identified outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Lombardy and Veneto. Students from this academy were among.


LSST Prospectus 2015-16 by Fellipe Barros - issuu

9 Sep 2015 ... UWL Blackboard Is an online facility available to our Top-Up students with unlimited access to course materials, assignments and other ...


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